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From Carlo Rovelli's, Helgoland

“The abyss of what we do not know is always magnetic and vertiginous. But to take quantum mechanics seriously, reflecting on its implications, is an almost psychedelic experience: it asks us to renounce, in one way or another, something that we cherished as solid and untouchable in our understanding of the world. We are asked to accept that reality may be profoundly other than we had imagined: to look into the abyss, without fear of sinking into the unfathomable.”

The search to understand and teach the complexities of the natural world keeps appearing in my work. I grew up in nature, surrounded by animals and an ample amount of time to study them, see their patterns and methods of communication from lifeforms other than humans. I grew up with a love of reading and a dream to have a home filled to the brim with books and knowledge from others who had experienced nature and communicate through the written word. My introverted nature is at home listening to the ideas of others, contemplating, soaking up information and responding through art.

Art is my chosen form of communication with the world. 

Whimsical hand built pottery

Inspired by hikes, daydreams and particle physics 

             & the state of the world we inhabit

The Helgoland Works

From time to time certain pieces of writing lodge themselves in my process and hangout for a length of time. Helgoland is one of them. The quote pulls together imaginings of what else might be possible and becomes a place to dream from. 

In the studio, I listen to talks from scientific organizations the world over, learning from leaders in particle physics, quantum theory, cosmology, biology, neuroscience and ecology to name a few. I’m immensely curious to understand how the systems of the natural world intertwine. Similarly, I’m reading and soaking up as much information as time will allow to inform my pieces. 

Research is only one part of understanding. Observation and immersion are as valuable as information acquired. Adventures into the Canadian Rockies, thankfully at our doorstep, trekking as far as my son’s legs will allow, further and further every year, discovering through the eyes of childhood, finding whimsy around every corner. 

Stacey McRae, Carlo Rovelli Quote from Helgoland.jpg
Quiet Power Stacey McRae.jpg
Quiet Power.jpg
Quiet Power

A bowl made of fluffy fur, with plump little breasts holding it up covered in a crystalline glaze that you have to get up close to appreciate. Perched on it’s nipples with a message on the inside of ‘Quiet Power’. The furry body turns into a fuzzy bed of moss with fertile spores rising up, ready to dance in the wind. 

Private Collection

4 Legged Creatures.jpg
4 Legged Planters

Building large pots are as much about exploring content as they are about pushing my skillset. This pot is built from slabs of clay, rolled out with a rolling pin. The texture comes from rollers I have built and carved. This one depicts a whimsical woodland scene with stairways to clouds and hidden passageways. 

Private Collection

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