Quantum Mechanics Mug 12oz

Quantum Mechanics Mug 12oz

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Slab built ceramic mug, inscribed. 


Carlo Rovelli’s in his introduction to his book Helgoland writes:

“The abyss of what we do not know is always magnetic and vertiginous. But to take quantum mechanics seriously, reflecting on its implications, is an almost psychedelic experience: it asks us to renounce, in one way or another, something that we cherished as solid and untouchable in our understanding of the world. We are asked to accept that reality may be profoundly other than we had imagined: to look into the abyss, without fear of sinking into the unfathomable.” 


From time to time certain pieces of writing lodge themselves in my process and hangout for a length of time. Helgoland is one of them. The quote pulls together imaginings of what else might be possible and becomes a place to dream from. 


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