The Black Tie Wanderer - Ash Tree Leaves

The Black Tie Wanderer - Ash Tree Leaves


These earrings are made from clay sourced from Medicine Hat, Alberta. Thanks Plainsman Clay! Each one is hand made in Pincher Creek, AB.


Their texture is achieved by either a carved clay roller or clay stamps that Stacey has built, ensuring originality. To add a little colour, each one is glazed with a cone 6 ceramic glaze and fired to 2200 degrees.  


Each set varies slightly as to where the print is located on the clay. 


The hooks are hand formed from sterling silver wire to ensure the utmost quality. 


Each set has been designed for comfort. Often we see jewellery made from clay and assume it will be too heavy. Well, I have very sensitive ears and can’t wear heavy earrings. I control the size and thickness to ensure the earrings feel great and are hardly noticeable.