The Sculpted Bracelet

The Sculpted Bracelet


The design of this bracelet centres around the Swarovski CZ placed ever so gently in a flower centre from which vine scrolls elegantly flow. The rope edge boarder focuses the design and allows for soft feeling fit on the wrist.


The technique of 'piercing' silver is used, a process where after the design is drawn on the silver, small holes are drilled where the material is to be removed. Then, using a jewelers saw each piece is cut out by hand. Engraving and sculpting is next. The silver is engraved away a little at a time until you hit that sweet spot where the piece feels done. 


Rope edge is made by spinning 2 pieces of wire together. It is then shaped and soldered onto the silver band. A little buff and a polish and some final filing and finally, the piece is complete. 



Sterling silver, brass and a Swarovski CZ.


Handcrafted in Canada