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Interdisciplinary Artist

BFA, Painting 2012
Alberta University of the Arts

Painter and Potter
Specializing in well crafted, handbuilt pottery and dreamlike paintings with a story to tell.
the guardian.png

Guardian, 2020

Mixed Media

Private Collection

Artist Statement - Painting


In 2011 Stacey began the first of what would become her ‘void’ paintings. The ‘space between’ became an idea she could render time and time again. The initial geometric forms and colourful journeys of the early work gave way to the whimsical integration of natural elements and a subdued colour palette evident in current pieces.


Stacey was raised in rural Southern Alberta, and currently resides in the Pincher Creek area. Having spent most of her life in the solitude of rural life, it has always been a key participant in her creative process. Her artistic practice bridges her beloved introversion and a restless need to create. Finding solitude (in the voids or space between) is a necessity for her but not the least bit empty. It drives her lifelong search for understanding systems and structures of the physical world whether that be the interaction of mycelium or the current understandings of the cosmos. 


Her artwork ebbs and flows through disciplines as a means to unwind her interior world and disperse concepts and ideas into a physical form. Visually, her work often floats between minimalist and formalist ideals; creating worlds upon a surface that do not exist, meant to lure the viewer down a rabbit hole all the while allowing space to breathe. She commits line work as a means to guide the eye, define space or integrate spacial illusions. Unidentifiable text and representations of the natural world allude to a curious means of storytelling. The story however, always being left for the viewer to complete. 


Stacey is currently working as the Executive Director of the Allied Arts Council of Pincher Creek.

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